problems with octopress in a new location

Dec 14, 2013  

My git-n00bness obviously inhibited me a bit here, but I was today in the situation of creating a new location from which to blog (a hosted VM, more about which in a separate post).

So I ran git clone, which gave me the master branch.

But I also needed the source branch. So I naively ran git pull origin source, which resulted in … a merge conflict on index.html?! WTF?

I ‘fixed’ that by making index.html empty. But rake generate failed with weird errors and git branch still shows only source. So what was wrong?

This stackoverflow post had a possible answer on how to proceed.

I tried running git checkout origin/source but that brought on the dreaded experimental HEAD error message.

No luck. Then I came across this post which seemed to describe a similar situation (I crossed my fingers that I hadn’t already screwed up my repo).

Aha! (I won’t forget it now). You’re supposed to specify the branch name when you check out!

So I rm -rfed my setup, then ran the following:

git clone -b source
git clone _deploy

After this, rake new_post worked as expected, but rake generate still failed on some plugin error about an “invalid byte sequence”.

That led me to this gist. export LANG=en_US.utf-8 fixed the generate problem.

And then rake deploy worked as expected, so yay!