programming fun nuts and bolts

Jan 19, 2014  

This one is too easy but included anyway for completeness (why not?)

Input Description

The first line of input will be an integer N, which is for the number of rows
in each list. Each list has N-lines of two space-delimited strings: the first
string will be the unique item name (without spaces), the second string will be
the price (in whole-integer cents). The second list, following the same format,
will have the same unique item-names, but with the correct price. Note that the
lists may not be in the same order!

Output Description

For each item that has had its price changed, print a row with the item name
and the price difference (in cents). Print the sign of the change (e.g. '+' for
a growth in price, or '-' for a loss in price). Order does not matter for