programming fun ascii tree

Jan 29, 2014  

Another easy problem (I’m not picking easy problems! I’m just going in sequence!)

Input Description
You will be given one line of text on standard-console input: an integer and
two characters, all space-delimited. The integer, N, will range inclusively
from 3 to 21 and always be odd. The next character will be your trunk
character. The next character will be your leaves character. Draw the trunk and
leaves components with these characters, respectively.

Output Description
Given the three input arguments, draw a centered-tree. It should follow this
pattern: (this is the smallest tree possible, with a base of 3)
Here's a much larger tree, of base 7:

Is this really programming at all? More like basic arithmetic. Anyway …

[Also, I realized I’m wasting everyone’s time by having all those redundant #include lines, so I got rid of them here]