golang setup

Aug 12, 2014  

Just some basic personal notes here.

Obviously, get the go-mode for Emacs. It has useful shortcuts, like C-c C-a to import a package while you’re editing some code and don’t want to scroll up and add this, or C-c C-d to show the signature of the function at point. There are other useful functions (for which you can add your own shortcuts), such as gofmt which does what you’d expect, and go-play-region, which is nifty (but perhaps not that useful): it sends the selected code to the Go Playground, and displays the result.

It’ll also be useful to get godef. So, just go get code.google.com/p/rog-go/exp/cmd/godef (remember to set $GOPATH first – I use ~/Golang/Packages).

If you’re enthusiastic about further Emacs-Go integration, you can try out goflymake – I haven’t used it myself (the compile step is nearly-instantaneous for me anyway), but I’ve heard its good, so YMMV.