moving to ello

Nov 5, 2014  

Yeah it’s been pretty dry over here lately. Looks like the last post was on September 2, over two months ago. Many reasons, one of which is that I’m too lazy even for Github pages. Yes, I frequently cannot even be bothered to do something as simple as rake new_post["Why I procrastinate endlessly: 20 reasons"].

Why, I ask myself, did I start using Jekyll/Octopress/GithubPages anyway?

  1. The “cool factor”. Don’t care anymore.

  2. Ease of use and maintenance. True, it’s better than Wordpress, but this is a low bar.

  3. Using markdown in posts. This was the big reason, in hindsight. Three years ago there was no other way to do this. Today, even Wordpress supports markdown out of the box.

Given all this, I don’t see a reason (other than good code formatting) why I shouldn’t just stay in Ello instead.

Update: Nah, I really want to be able to separate the “code-related” stuff from other stuff to talk about. So this blog stays …