haskell slash math

Nov 11, 2014  

I don’t recall the very first articles I might have read about Haskell, but the first non-short text was Real World Haskell, which I went through the year it came out. I didn’t write any code at that time (a mistake!)

Then, a coupffle of years later, I thought I’d try my hand at Project Euler with Haskell. I did the first 10-15 and then got bored.

Another couple of years later, I decided to “try it out” again. This time, it was by starting a static blog (this one!) in Hakyll, and disassembling some trivial programs. This also didn’t last, and after my initial brush with “cabal hell”, I switched to Jekyll instead.

I poked around with Yesod and its various “shakespearean” plugins, and gave that up too.

At one point I found myself asking the question: “Why am I doing this in Haskell at all?” And the answer, obviously, was that (of course!) I didn’t need to. So I lost interest altogether.

Now I realize these were all misguided efforts. What I should have done was to approach the whole thing from a more fundamental plane, the way SICP introduces Scheme. So, I’ve decided to make my way through The Haskell Road to Maths, Logic and Programming, trying as hard as I can to not let preconceived notions filter through, and to take it all in with a “beginner’s mind”.

It’s going to be a while :)

P.S. Emacs support for Haskell is pretty sweet. Here’s a n00b-level screenshot showing a “SLIME-style” ghci session

{% img center /images/haskell-emacs-ghci.png %}

Update: Someone suggested I should read a more recent book, Programming in Haskell by Graham Hutton, so I guess I’ll do that first.