languages slash ecosystems to explore in 2015

Jan 27, 2015  

Yeah, why not make lists. This is a short one, so don’t worry. In fact, it’s a replacement for earlier lists, so it’s not really that important; more of a note to my future self on current “oscillations”. There are three nice corners I’d like to explore, in no particular order:


It’s really the best operational-semantics out there that has a great story on concurrency. I can never get tired of saying this: Go should be your first programming language.


Yeah, tough one here. Ocaml is so good too, and F# has all those juicy libraries to be exploited, but I’ve gone too far away from declarative problem solving over the years and need a real habit-changing kick. Hence haskell. I know I’m reversing my position on this, but I’ll write about it in a separate post.


Why is this here? More out of curiosity than anything else. I’ve dabbled in the past. I got R in a nutshell a few years ago and then threw it away without reading much of it, but I think I judged too soon. All of “statistics” has become somewhat fuzzy for me over the years, so this is more of a way to get a refresher there. I’ve heard good things about Introduction to Statistical Learning (with applications in R).


One common factor to all of these is they’re free to explore, and they have a great community of helpful people who’re good at answering questions, whether on mailing lists or IRC.