Mar 6, 2015  

I’m excitedly looking forward to Kernighan’s new book. But more than that, I’m very happy that the “Go rocket” has now definitively cleared the launchpad – and predictably, heads are exploding all over that great bastion of PL hipsterdom, Hacker News.

As an aside, the Reddit community seems way more mature and not react predictably all the time. See this thread, which is really a humorous meta-comment on all such discussions:

  • <generic rant about generics>
  • <simplistic response about how Go is simple> — No generics means reading the code is easier, somehow!
  • <snarky response about Rust’s superiority>
  • <attempt to shoehorn D into the conversation>
  • <link to article explaining monads>
  • <web scale node.js>
  • <We are the Knights who say NIM!>

Anyway, all I know so far is the Table of Contents, but stay tuned for more!