euler 42 coded triangle numbers

Mar 23, 2015  

Very straightforward, this one. And I don’t need to feel bad that I did it the simple way. If you’re wondering where split-sequence-if and read-file came from, the answer is rutils, which is a good general-purpose utility package, a sort of superset of alexandria, and just a (ql:quickload 'rutils) away. As before, the final answer is obtained by evaluating (euler42).

Statutory Warning: spoilers ahead

;; If x = 0.5 * n * (n+1) is a triangle number, then there is an
;; integral solution for n^2 + n - 2*x = 0.
(defun quadratic-solution (a b c)
  (let ((det (sqrt (- (* b b) (* 4 a c))))
        (denom (* 2 a)))
    (cons (/ (- (- b) det) denom)
          (/ (+ (- b) det) denom))))

(defun positive-int (num)
  (and (integerp num)
       (plusp num)))

(defun is-triangle-number (num)
  (let ((soln (quadratic-solution 1 1 (* (- 2) num))))
    (or (positive-int (car soln))
        (positive-int (cdr soln)))))

(defun char->number (char)
  (1+ (- (char-code char) (char-code #\A))))

(defun is-triangle-word (word)
  (let ((value (loop for char across word
                  summing (char->number char))))
    (is-triangle-number value)))       
(defun euler42 ()
  ;; Read in the file, split on the commas, remove the quotes
  (let* ((file-text (read-file "/home/agam/Downloads/p042_words.txt"))
         (words-with-quotes (split-sequence-if
                             (lambda (char) (eq char #\,))
         (words (mapcar (lambda (w) (remove #\" w))
    (loop for w in words count
         (is-triangle-word w))))