a second look at python

Mar 25, 2015  

The first time I used Python for something (it was a silly little script, IIRC) was about 12 years ago. I eventually gave it up in shock and horror the first time I encountered a critical error that turned out to be a syntax error.

Over the years I’ve had to mess with Python code on and off but it’s always been something I’ve done reluctantly, under the lingering effects of PTSD from the “I can’t tell how this program might fail” experience.

Recently I had to work with IPython and … it didn’t seem so bad. So I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean in its favor and re-evaluate it on its own terms. So much is different over the last decade that it seems like a good idea to start afresh anyway.

The other place to consider the language is in my constant “what language is best for beginners?” contest – until now it was basically Go vs Racket, but I might include Python as a contender too. We’ll see …