in search of lost rants dot dot dot

May 16, 2015  

I love reading rants. Not random, trollish ones, you know, intended only to provoke flamewars – those are tiresome and (worse!) predictable. No, I like the heartfelt ones, filled with (seemingly) genuine disgust and grief.

Last year I went meticulously through every single post by Erik Naggum (thanks to Zach Beane who took the trouble of curating them1), and found a wealth of quotes. I highly recommend it – consider it casual reading, a replacement for whatever you plan to read on your next commute, travel trip or vacation.

Anyway, today I found another worthy rant-er, Mr. Adam Rosenberg. Yes, he has a blog with a bunch of interesting articles2, he is also a self-described “industrial mathematician”, and has written an unabashed defense of Ye Olde FORTRAN and C style as the once and future programming style3. But what made me binge-read his writing was his collection of rants4.

A good place to start is “The Failure of the Digital Computer”, but obviously YMMV.