monthly programming summary november 2015

Nov 27, 2015  

A second installment of “interesting stuff I came across this month” …

The hackers are the technicians of this science - “It’s a term of derision and also the ultimate compliment.” They are the ones who translate human demands into code that the machines can understand and act on. They are legion. Fanatics with a potent new toy. A mobile new-found elite, with its own apparat, language and character, its own legends and humor. Those magnificent men with their flying machines, scouting a leading edge of technology which has an odd softness to it; outlaw country, where rules are not decree or routine so much as the starker demands of what’s possible.

And finally, a “quote-of-the-month”. This one is short and succinct Perlisism:

Computer Science is embarrassed by the computer.