clojure from the ground up

Jan 6, 2016  

It’s time for the same old new year resolution again: going to stop randomly skimming new languages and focus on something in depth.

This time, without loss of generality (hopefully!), I picked Clojure (again ?).

Found this nice series of posts called “Clojure from the ground up”.

The best part is that unlike other random free tutorials online, this one has exercises.

For example, the post that introduces concurrency primitives asks us to write our own future macro.

I came up with this kludge:

(defmacro my-future [& body]
  `(let [p# (promise)]
    (.start (Thread.
      (fn [] (let [f# (fn [] ~@body)
                   r# (f#)]
               (deliver p# r#)))))

The expansion looks like this:

clojure-noob.core> (pprint (macroexpand '(my-future (Thread/sleep 5000) (prn "Hey ... "))))
  [p__9904__auto__ (clojure.core/promise)]
          (clojure.core/fn [] (Thread/sleep 5000) (prn "Hey ... "))
          r__9906__auto__ (f__9905__auto__)]
        (clojure.core/deliver p__9904__auto__ r__9906__auto__)))))

And it seems to work:

clojure-noob.core> (def x (my-future (Thread/sleep 5000) (prn "Hey ... ")))
clojure-noob.core> (pprint x)
#<Promise@6a1dc62: :not-delivered>
"Hey ... "
clojure-noob.core> (pprint x)
#<Promise@6a1dc62: nil>

Here’s hoping to fun times ahead (and a happy new year to you too!)