considering moving away from a static blog dot dot dot

Feb 8, 2016  

This blog has been my longest continuous online presence (beginning as a Hakyll blog in 2012 before switching to Jekyll (well, Octopress) about a year later). I liked the whole “edit in markdown in a terminal and use git for everything” flow.

Unfortunately, time is scarcer now, my free time is less structured, and I often find myself away from an actual terminal, though equipped with a capable smartphone. For my more-general-purpose blog, I used Wordpress and it’s worked out pretty well so far, because I can “write on the go”, and I’d like to be able to do the same for this blog too.

So I haven’t decided exactly how and when to migrate (because hey, I do want to keep what I have) to a “dynamic blog” (funny phrase, that), but I definitely want to do it sometime this year.