stumbling around programming

Apr 21, 2016  

(In which I keep talking to myself about learning/doing stuff in the near past/future)

  • Read Scott Meyers’ updated C++1114 book: he’s really the only one who can do a good job of explaining stuff like the subtleties of universal references. Sad to see him take a break (though I hope he’s back in time to explain C++17 to us!)

  • Realized I made a big arrogant jerky mistake by dismissing a lot of stuff as being lame and/or hipsterish and not taking it seriously. So I’m going to spend time learning Ruby/Rails and some Javascript/Coffeescript and make some toy apps with that

  • I’ve totally fallen off the Math bandwagon, and I realized this actually happened some time ago, which is very depressing. And I don’t know exactly what to do about it, so I’d like to find some way back ..

  • Had fun reading through a bunch of Clojure code/tutorials/books, but I don’t really have any ideas on what to do with it, as silly as that sounds

  • Keep opening and closing Pharo. Way too much fun, but I have lesser and lesser time for that kind of goalless fun these days. Made a mental note to keep suggesting Squeak as a strong contender for an introductory programming environment for kids.

  • Speculatively, if I get time, I have to get back to reading TAPL