prog math sci summary june 2016

Jun 27, 2016   #monthly 

Essentially, the Docker approach boils down to downloading an unsigned binary, running it, and hoping it doesn’t contain any backdoor into your companies network. Feels like downloading Windows shareware in the 90s to me. When will the first docker image appear which contains the Ask toolbar? The first internet worm spreading via flawed docker images?

  • ”The Fucking Open Web” (sorry, that’s the actual title) bemoans (you see the pattern here, yes?) the inability of web apps to match native apps in slickness. Unlike most rant-writers though, this guy wrote a devil’s advocate style rebuttal too, so it’s not all bad

  • ”Kids can’t use computers” bemoans (you see the pattern here, yes?) the fact that computers are these opaque magic boxes that everyone doesn’t even try to understand (but, c’mon, isn’t that a sign of success? how hard do most people try to understand their car?)

  • To complete the trend, ”Tcl/Tk vs the Web” isn’t content with rejuvenating the web. The claim here is that the web is fine, but we should ditch CSS in favor of some simple interpreted standardized widget set. Good luck with that.

  • Finally, on an unrelated note — every now and then I discover something new I had no idea about. I was aware of the many really good language-specific IDEs that JetBrains puts out, but I had haver heard of the “Meta Programming System”. Really cool stuff (though I wonder how it compares to Racketlanguage-oriented programming seems to describe both of them).

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